New Product Bulletins

Here you can access the archives of all of our New Product Bulletins. These are brief pdf documents, describing and explaining our new products, complete with pictures.

Product NameDateCategory
Tripar Tech - Clinch Joining2019-01Tripar Tech - Vol 2
Tripar Tech - Progressive Stamping2018/11Tripar Tech - Vol 1
Brand Embossing July 20182018/07Recessed Lighting
Plaster Ring Assembly2017/05Recessed Lighting
J-Box Enhancements2017/05Recessed Lighting
Universal Driver box2017/04Recessed Lighting
1487 L-Bar2016/10Recessed Lighting
Ballast Box / LED Driver Box2016/09Recessed Lighting
1483 Plaster Frame2016/4Recessed Lighting
Torsion Spring & Bracket2016/4Recessed Lighting
Support System Kits2015/9Recessed Lighting
COMBAR2015/05Recessed Lighting
LED Assembly Kit2015/05Recessed Lighting
Hybrid Manufacturing2015.04Recessed Lighting
I.C.Boxes Rename2014/06Recessed Lighting
Non Metallic Recessed Components2013/06Recessed Lighting
Fractual Antenna Kit2013/02Project Supplies
Ultra Airtight IC Box2011/04Recessed Lighting
Ballast Box / LED Driver Box2010/04Recessed Lighting
Cable Management Hub2009/11Home/Office Organization
Cable Management Box2009/08Home/Office Organization
Copper Wine Coasters2009/07Home Decor
Window-Mounted Birdfeeder2009/06Home Decor
MR16 Trims2009/03Recessed Lighting
Xylophone Kits (3)2009/02
Universal Retention System2009/01Recessed Lighting
Accent Plates2008/09Home Decor & Project Supplies
Copper Trellis2008/08Home Decor
Downlight to Wall Wash Adaptor2008/05Recessed Lighting
MR11 Lighting Components2008/01Recessed Lighting
Solid Copper Plant Saucer2007/11Home Decor
Solid Copper Candle Holders2007/10Home Decor
Xylophone Kit (8 Bar)2007/05Project Supplies
Extender Box & 3-D Cover2007/01Recessed Lighting
Light Projection System2006/06Recessed Lighting
Linear Clip & Plaster Frame2006/05Recessed Lighting
Bar Hanger Extenders2006/02Recessed Lighting
Blind Shelf Supports2005/11Project Supplies
Caterpillar Bracket2005/09Recessed Lighting
Custom Size Plaster Frame & Large Outlet Box2004/04Recessed Lighting
Bar Hanger2004/01Recessed Lighting
MR16, GU10 Trim & Reflectors2003/01Recessed Lighting
Recessed Trim spring, Trims & Gimbals2002/09Recessed Lighting
Reduced Airflow IC Box2002/06Recessed Lighting