Success Stories

Deluxe Bar Hangers

Customer feedback led to the development of our Deluxe Bar Hangers. Key features: Mechanical interference to prevent them from slipping apart unless necessary. Formed cross sections offer superior rigidity. Contains small outward extending tabs for positioning flush with underside of joists. Contains integral nails ... See more

Luxor Seasonal Affective Disorder Lamp

The customer came to us with scissor-cut cardboard and metal prototypes. We developed a 2-piece design to simplify fabrication and minimize cost. The unit was painted reflective white as an alternative to expensive reflectors. Continuous grounding was achieved through inherent design and construction. See more

Linear Clip and Plaster Frame

Customer feedback led to the creation of our Linear Clip & Plaster Frame. Accommodating a range of reflector sizes, they have 5/8” of linear movement. No installation tools, riveting or fastening required. Low contact point reduces potential slippage on reflectors that curve rapidly inward. ... See more

Cable Management for Desktops

Customer wanted a desktop version of the conference table Cable Management System. Developed a sleek design that was a complex, 10-bend stamping. Met all functional requirements using only 2 stampings. Complicated to conceive but simple and competitive to produce.   See more